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Every Twin Cities resident with taste buds can attest to the fact that we have one of the most vibrant and varied restaurant scenes in the country.  In fact, it may be a little too varied- How is a regular person supposed to be able to afford sampling from all of the amazing local eateries without busting their wallet?

Sites like Livingsocial, Groupon and Restaurant all help to make exploration and excitement less expensive.  It especially helps when they run offers like this!

Today and tomorrow, is offering 70% off of all gift certificates.  Deals like this one can really help the thrifty foody to feel comfortable trying a new restaurant without worrying about blowing a hole in the budget.  I myself used one to discover one of my favorite new dishes: Filete Relleno at Las Mojarras on Lake Street (think Fish Cordon Bleu!).

Oh, and what else is new?  They no longer expire!

Some of the new restaurants featured include: The Pacific Islander (which took over the West Indies Soul Food stand at Midtown Global Market), Chinese Express on Lake and 35W (drive-thru Chinese-- no, we don't really like the idea, either...), Italiani's Family Restaurant on East Lake, Spoon in Apple Valley (Where the menu is Written in Reverse), and Aji Contemporary Japanese in Hopkins.

For a breakdown, here's some example certificates available:

The Pacific Islander - Midtown Global Market

$25 Gift Certificate for $3.  Minimum purchase of $35 required, 18% gratuity added.  That's an over $40 total for under $20, even after paying for the gift certificate.



Baldy's BBQ - West Bank

$25 Gift Certificate for $3.  Minimum purchase of $50.  Valid Sunday -Thursday for Dinner, Dine in Only.  (Any Hot Dish readers wish to weigh in on this place?  Is it any good?)



Glockenspiel - St. Paul

$50 Gift Certificate for $7.50.  Minimum purchase of $100.  No other restrictions!



There's plenty more to be found on the website, which also offers Gift Cards to send to special someones.  If you find an "OMG!!1!! Amazing" deal, make sure to leave a comment.

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I know, who fucking cares
I know, who fucking cares

um you do know they offer 80 or 90 percent off every week right?  pretty much dumb to buy at 70% and there whole business is in selling them at 60 to 90 percent off.  just cuz you just found about it doesn't mean its new and if you are going to write about it you should maybe do a little research and then you would realize this isn't really a headline.  more like an Ewoldt style advertisement.  

Michael Mattson
Michael Mattson

Thanks for your input.  I'd like to remind you that this is a blog post.  It's not a news piece.  It's not a review.  It's information- like mentioning that So-and-So's Bar and Grill is starting "5 Cent Wing Wednesdays".  It's about a sale that's going on now for discounts on lots of local restaurants.

It's great that you know about these other deals as well and thank you for sharing.  But please remember that there may be some other people out there who are not as knowledgeable as yourself.  This post was written for them.

Thanks again.

P.S.  Ewoldt?  Ew... ;)


Amazingly, your post makes less sense than the comment you're replying to.  "Today and tomorrow..." and "they no longer expire" is new information, meaning it's being reported as news.  You can't hide behind "this is a blog post" and claim it's not news when it's being presented as such.  The other commenter claimed that these deals are available all of the time, and that this post was essentially the equivalent of announcing that McDonald's has a dollar menu.  I don't know if this is true, but looking at the website, it doesn't seem like there's a special two-day discount currently being offered.

How about offering insight as to why they no longer expire (they violate MN gift certificate laws)?  Wait... I think the "Coming soon! Daily deals!" City Pages ad I see to the right of this post just answered that question for me.  Good luck!  Maybe ask Groupon how much fun it's having dealing with (illegal) gift certificate expiration dates first!

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