5 weird web food stories: August 15-19

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Yum, DSL- Digital Sushi Lunch

Fights in the kitchen! Rockers pushing wine!  And a contract that must be signed before getting a reservation? We take a look at five of the weirdest food stories kicking around the web this week.



*Not actual picture of Charlie McCubbin


Chef attacks cook after critic calls food 'disgusting'

This story comes from Not-So-Jolly Olde England. Famous Sunday Times restaurant critic A.A. Gill was dining at the River Cafe in Glasbury-on-Wye in Wales when chef Charlie McCubbin asked how his meal was.

"Disgusting," Gill responded.

So McCubbin did what anyone would do. He went back to the kitchen and started yelling at the cooks before taking a swing at one and pushing him down some stairs.

The best part of this story?  Turns out Gill's "disgusting" comment was merely an instance of dry British humor, as he later gave the restaurant a 4 out of 5 rating in his review.


"Honey... what do you do for money?"
Rock legends AC/DC to release wine label

What do you think of when you think of AC/DC? Angus Young in schoolboy shorts shredding some awesome riffs? Lead singer Bon Scott dying at a tragically young age? How about cabernet sauvignon?

Since AC/DC is now releasing wine in Australia, that last one might catch on.  With names like Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon and You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato, this seems like a match made in ... um ... some bizarro heaven? It seems that the music of AC/DC is usually more conducive to whiskey, or maybe just copious amounts of Fosters.

Five rejected names (we made up):

If You Want Sangria (You Got It)

Highway to Helfensteiner

Malbec in Black

Whole Lotta Rosé (we thought of it before we saw it in the CNN article, so we're sticking with it!)

For Those About Syrah (We Salute You!)

And what local band would we like to see come out with their own wine?  Why Tapes 'n Tapes, of course!  Because it would be so fitting to see a bottle of wine called Grapes 'n Grapes.

Houston restaurant kicks out patron for offensive tweet

Sometimes, when dining at a restaurant, one might encounter a less than ideal server.  Usually most people would tip them less. But not Allison Matsu. She decided the best way to voice her displeasure would be through Twitter, with a post that read:


*City Pages does not condone hipster-on-hipster violence.

Unfortunately for Hiromi, the manager of Down House, Forrest DeSpain, was at home and, oddly enough, perusing the restaurant's Twitter feed.  He then called the restaurant and asked the bartender to hand the phone to Hiromi. What exactly was said on that call is in dispute, but one thing is agreed upon: DeSpain gave Hiromi the boot.

Oh, Houston.  We thought y'all were friendly down there...


Rogue24's chef, RJ Cooper (NOT a Nazi)
D.C. restaurant requires signed contract for reservations

A good meal can be a transplendent experience. Many of the finest restaurants in the world are run by people who spend hours thinking of every last detail that could lead to a better dining experience. But sometimes those people go too far and end up on the persnickety side. Like Washington D.C.'s Rogue24, for example. Besides the questionable taste of naming themselves after Sarah Palin (who will never be more than a tourist in their town), the restaurant made the decision to save their reservationist a lot of time and trouble by writing up a two-page contract that includes:
  • a clause stating that any reservations cancelled less than 72 hours in advance will incur a penalty equal to 50% of the gross check.  Considering that there are only two things on the menu--a 24-course meal ($175) or a much more modest 16-course meal ($145--with pairings!), that could be one costly cancellation.  (Side note: Seriously? Twenty-four courses? They do realize this is America and we're lucky to get enough time to eat a Hot Pocket in the car on the way to work, right?)
  • a clause stating that any no-shows will incur a penalty equal to 100% of the gross check
  • a section to provide contact information for anyone in your party with allergies, presumably so the restaurant can call them and have an in-depth discussion of their dietary needs.  Romantic!

After the contract drew attention, the chef, RJ Cooper acquiesced and made some alterations.

"...because it's not about being a cop or a Nazi," he stated in an interview.


"I did not. Have. Oral. Relations. With that cookie."
Former President Bill Clinton is a vegan

That's right.  The man whose love of fast food inspired a Saturday Night Live sketch has gone animal-product-free.  In an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, scheduled to air Sunday on CNN, Clinton talks about how he believes his new vegan diet has reversed some of the damage done to his heart by years of eating things like fried collard greens and Big Macs.  There's no word on whether or not Hillary has followed the former president on his diet, but, as Americans, we would have to say we hope the Secretary of State would be a voracious carnivore--to scare countries like Finland into doing our bidding! 

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