Five favorite Twin Cities doughnuts

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Sarah Jane's Bakery
A spread of Sarah Jane's assorted doughnuts.
A Baker's Wife took home this year's Best Doughnuts honor, and those cinnamon-sugar dusted ones are always a fave. (Even better, pair 'em with a coffee from Angry Catfish around the corner.)

Summertime is a boon for doughnut fanatics, actually, as some of the metro's best finds come from farmers' markets and food trucks. Here are five of our best-loved donuts that always hit the sweet spot.

5. Sarah Jane's Bakery's Cake Doughnut
Sarah Jane's Bakery on Johnson Street in Northeast has been kicking out doughnuts, old-school style, since 1979. Six days a week, the place offers a fresh-from-the-oven, classic cake doughnut, among a million other breads and confections, starting at 5 a.m. When you have a hankering for nostalgia, these plain Janes will leave a telltale grease-print on the paper bag and reheat wonderfully in a toaster oven.

Apple cider gives these doughnuts just the right amount of sweetness.
4. Sweetland Orchard's Apple Cider Doughnuts
This might look like a basic cake doughnut, glittering with cinnamon and sugar in the early morning farmers' market light, but it's made extra tender and moist by the addition of apple cider from Webster, Minnesota's Sweetland Orchards. Mike and Gretchen Perbix oversee the orchard while their lovely mothers make the weekly batch of doughnuts. Find these treats, plus Sweetland's apples, plums, and pears, at the Mill City Market, Bloomington Farmers' Market, Northeast Farmers' Market, Fulton Farmers' Market, and, starting in September, the Kingfield Market.

Megan Thompson
We love doughnuts in all shapes and sizes, especially these Chef Shack minis.
3. Chef Shack's Indian-Spiced Mini-Doughnuts
With the Minnesota State Fair starting today, we had to get a mini-doughnut in the mix, as we always get a kick out of watching Tom Thumb's batter-based inner tubes fry golden brown as they float down their lazy oil river. But the mini-ds from the popular street truck Chef Shack offer a gourmet version of the fair staple, made with organic ingredients and aromatic with cardamom and other eastern spices. And, of course, they're always feather-light and piping hot.

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