Food Network resolves lawsuit with David Page, Plymouth producer of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Guy Fieri's show will move on without Page Productions.
The Food Network has resolved its lawsuit with a Plymouth, Minnesota, producer days after claiming he wished death on a staff member.

Page Productions filed a lawsuit against the Food Network last May alleging that the television station hadn't made host Guy Fieri available to them and had blocked Page from producing seasons 13 and 14 of the popular program.

The Food Network filed a response last week claiming Page was a boss from hell, alleging he called a staffer "one fucked-up dumbass loser," dubbed another "asshole," and wished death on one more "so I can dance on your fucking grave."

We called Page and the Food Network's lawyer this afternoon and learned that the lawsuit has been resolved.

Page was the first to inform us that the lawsuit had been "resolved," though he declined to explain what that entails, exactly.

He did tell us that he will not be producing Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Asked whether the lawsuit will affect his other program, Outrageous Food, he said no. "I'm confident their decision has nothing to do with anything other than ratings."

The attorney representing the cable station confirmed that the issues have been worked out, though attorney David Leichtman couldn't go into more detail.

Page declined to comment on the specific allegations in the emails, noting "It's a lawsuit. People allege all sorts of things in lawsuits. We disagree with their characterization of me."

But he later added, "If you're a talented person, I'm the best boss you'll ever have."

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Umm... If he told someone he wished them dead, I would consider that to be an intolerable work environment. And these are just the reported stories. I am curious about the ones unreported?? Why would any one ever side with this ass hole??? I saw his quotes in the star trib this weekend and I can't help but laugh at this man!


Karma is a bitch, as they say.


As someone who has worked for David Page and also has gotten to know him very personally, I would like to say that he is the farthest thing from an arrogant D-Bag. He happens to be one of the most generous and passionate people I have ever met. As for creating an intolerable work place... I couldn't disagree more. He pushes his employees to levels they never thought they could get to. Not through fear, like the above out of context email quotes would make you believe, but through creating the same passion he has for quality. So much of today's TV has thrown quality out the window, you will never hear David say "that's good enough" - this is not a knock on him, because if you are a talented Pro, you should never want to accept "that's good enough" - he's a strong passionate personality and some people just don't know how to handle that. 

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

I happen to know talented people that work for Mr Page...they would disagree with his characterization of himself.

The words, "self-absorbed" and "prick" come to mind...


What an arrogant d bag?! No wonder he lost the show!


It's a show about filming someone's restaurant and talking over them, it can't be that hard, unless you're a prick.

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