Minnesota State Fair's top 5 worst new foods

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Every year, some things at the Minnesota State Fair get a little better, and some get a little worse. (Um ... what's up with Wal-Mart's local foods booth?) Through it all, we Minnesotans stay the same. We still stand in lines for samples of 5-Hour Energy drink and we still buy our kids plastic AK-47s.

The Hot Dish sampled this year's new foods (leaving out the ones you can easily get other places--frozen yogurt, horchata, pizza rolls--and the ones that weren't actually new, i.e. the Caprese salad on a stick is so two years ago)--to let you know which ones to seek out, and which ones, listed below, to avoid.

5. Deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough at Sonny's Spiral Suds($4.50)
T-26 Inside Food Building
A fun idea, but all those deep-fried ooey-gooey things--the Snickers, the Twinkies, and the like--seem like they turn into mushy sugar overload. Or at least that was the case here, when three dough balls are dipped in doughnut batter and fried until they become molten. You're better off with baked cookies (Sweet Martha's, anyone?) or eating the dough in ice cream or straight from the mixing bowl.

4. Dirt dessert at Spaghetti Eddie's ($3)
V-25, Cooper/Dan Patch
The dirt dessert was a kiddie birthday party fave a few years back, and this one gives it an Italian spin, with layers of crushed Oreo cookie surrounding cannoli filling and a couple of gummy worms on top. But it seemed a little too sweet for anyone older than five.

3. Crab fritters at Ollie's Crab Fritters ($5.75)
U-9, Murphy/Underwood
It's a generous helping, at six balls to the order, but these crab fritters seem to have substituted quantity for quality. They're fine as a fried fritter goes, though a little too salty and overbrowned, but the biggest problem is the batter's utter lack of crab. If you get one fleck per bite you'll count yourself lucky. The creamy, spicy sauce does help, but there's no way it can salvage such a dire situation. How did this one slip past the fair folks?

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Mike Suttles
Mike Suttles

To be done properly, first clean the innards from the jalapeno, then stuff with high grade chocolate.

Albert Hanzal
Albert Hanzal

I am a fan of Mid-eastern food.  I tried several options at the state fair and found the Gyros sandwich at the Mid Eastern Bakery location to be better than other options at the Fair.  The meat was tender, the sandwich was hot and the bread was soft.  I found it a wonderful option to many other state fair foods that rely on deep fried batters.

S. Abdul Otherwise Himself
S. Abdul Otherwise Himself

Fiery jalapenos?  Where?  The peppers with my drecky order were blander than bell peppers.That plus low grade MILK chocolate (hello dark instead?) equaled snorrrrrrre...


 i can't figure out why are so manny people in is country obese


i cant unnerstand wy ppl dont be spellin rite.

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