Punch offers free pizza for gym-goers

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Carb-loading for the fair at Punch.
We've seen the statistic that the average fair-goer consumes 2,000-3,000 calories during his or her visit. Eek!

In honor of the Minnesota State Fair's Thursday debut, Punch pizza would like to encourage its fans to get in an extra workout or two. Today through Wednesday, they're offering a two-for-one pizza deal to anyone who brings in the following coupon with a gym, fitness club, or yoga studio membership card.

For a post-workout pit stop, we like Punch's Calhoun Village location as it's proximate to lakes Calhoun, Isles, and the Midtown Greenway, with great trails for walking/running/bicycling/blading, etc.

Punch gluterunnerpromo.png

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Punch Neapolitan Pizza

704 Cleveland Ave. S., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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JTX Vibration plates
JTX Vibration plates

Well, if it is for free, I would love to go on that gym! Pizza is among of the foods I always crave after going to the gym.

Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton

Based on previous coupons, my understanding is that the offer is good at all Punch locations and may be used for dine-in or takeout at each one except Highland Park, which can only be used for dine-in and *not* takeout.


What exactly does "DINE-IN ONLY AT HIGHLAND LOCATION" mean? 

-If you visit the Highland location you must dine-in!!-Dine-in is only allowed at the Highland location-This coupon is for Dine-In, and only at the Highland location

I'm a little bit serious here... it's kinda ambiguous no?

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