Soul Daddy's Jamawn Woods lays blame on Chipotle

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Jamawn Woods of Soul Daddy blames Chipotle on his woes.
Jamawn Woods, winner of America's Next Great Restaurant, and founder of three quickly-shuttered Soul Daddy eateries, including one at the Mall of America, is blaming his failure on one of his backers, Chipotle.

Woods told the celebrity rag TMZ ** that the management team provided by Chipotle had no experience with soul food, the root of poor operations.

Woods hasn't filed any legal action, but apparently claims that the show owes him a year's salary of $46,000 and is supposedly negotiating a settlement.

**We recognize TMZ is not exactly the pinnacle of investigative journalism. This story ran next to "Celebrity Scruff vs. Smooth--Vote!" and "Sam Ronson's Mug Shot--Attitude Much?"

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