Cheech and Chong hawk General Mills 'magic brownies' [VIDEO]

General Mills
Fiber One: Not the kind of "magic brownies" Cheech and Chong usually eat.
Cheech and Chong are back! The vintage stoner duo is starring in a short flick used to promote General Mills Fiber One 90-calorie brownies.

The Business Journal reports that the term "magic brownies" came up in a Fiber One marketing meeting and next thing they knew, General Mills was shooting a video about Cheech and Chong on a mission to deliver a van full of brownies.

It's a bold marketing move by the Midwestern food company, but will the marijuana references do long-term damage to its wholesome brand? How long until One Million Moms adds General Mills products to its list of items to be boycotted, along with Ben and Jerry's new Schweddy Balls?

Check out the flick:

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Daylon Studdard
Daylon Studdard

good to see that they can roll with it, and laugh at themselves.


Thank you for th inner JOY Cheech & Chong! I heard you were not going to play the part ever agan & I am very pleased to see you changed, Fiber helps hold us together as we mature!

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