El Bulli documentary about famed restaurant comes to town [VIDEO]

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Calling all filmy foodies!
Didn't make it to Catalonia to dine at El Bulli before it closed on July 30? No matter, because you can take a peek behind the scenes with Ferran Adrià and his army of chefs thanks to the the Film Society of Minneapolis/St. Paul. They've brought the documentary El Bulli: Cooking In Progress to St. Anthony Main for a full week of screenings from Friday through Thursday. We hear there's even a special Sunday event that involves the Chowgirls and paella.

The film is a must-see for die-hard foodies, as it reveals not only what goes on behind the scenes in the restaurant's kitchen but also shows the research that Adria and his most trusted colleagues do in the off-season, while El Bulli is closed. Watch as dudes sous vide, whip, blend, and prepare sweet potatoes, mushrooms and other minute bits of food in exotic ways. It's the first steps toward creating a new season's menu, often reinventing the foods into unusual forms.

Adria is the so-called father of molecular gastronomy. In the film he adds ice cubes to a tangerine dish, approves a ravioli that gets dipped in liquid so that the "pasta" disintegrates, and invents other unusual, avant-garde presentations of food. El Bulli, in Catalonia, Spain, was known for serving more than 30 courses to each diner with foams, spheres, and other strange shapes par for the course(s).

Intrigued? Check out the documentary. Even better, the Sunday evening screening is a special event with Chowgirls' all-you-can-eat paella, two glasses of wine, and a special pour of Estrella Inedit (the beer Adria helped formulate) for just $25 (or $20 if you are a Film Society member).

Check out the trailer...

St. Anthony Main Theaters - El Bulli Screening Details

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