Killebrew sodas batting 0-2 in quality control

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Harmon Killebrew's legacy lives on in these bottles.
Who doesn't want to root for a hometown hero, especially when it's a root beer?

Old Fashioned Killebrew sodas--root beer and cream soda--are part of famed Minnesota baseball player Harmon Killebrew's legacy. When Harmon's son brought the root beer to market more than a decade ago, it was said to be made from an old family recipe. But these days the revered slugger is unfortunately no longer able to practice quality control.

Last spring, RMJ Distributing became the exclusive licensee, manufacturer, and distributor of the soda, and began packaging it in aluminum bottles. The Hot Dish recently sampled the new, locally made products and found them somewhat wanting.

Soda is a fairly simple beverage, with three main characteristics: flavor, sweetness, and fizz. Both the Killebrew root beer and cream soda hit the mark on the first two, but fell totally flat on the carbonation--it was almost nonexistent.

Was this an anomaly? Have you tried Killebrew soda? What were your impressions? (Find it here.)

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Tried the root beer earlier this season, just awful. I think you nailed why. A shame, really.

Matronix (Ryan)
Matronix (Ryan)

I had one a couple of months ago and thought the same thing about the carbonation. 


truly a horrible tasting rootbeer. hansen's is far superior.

Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton

Okay then maybe mine weren't an anomaly. Having recently opened a year-old bottle of H20 I unearthed from the back of the pantry and found its fizz had gone flat, I was allowing that it might have been a slow-moving inventory problem.

Admittedly, I like my carbonation super aggressive. Flat soda has something of a screeching-fingernails-on-the-chalkboard effect on me--I absolutely cannot drink it.

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