Kopplin's Coffee moving to Merriam Park

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A.J. Olmscheid
Kopplin moves its coffee--and hot chocolate--across town.
Andrew Kopplin, proprietor of Kopplin's, announced news that's been long in the making: He's moving his Highland Park coffee shop across town to Merriam Park.

The new spot, on the intersection of Cleveland and Marshall, will expand Kopplin's nearly three times in size. Kopplin plans to move the shop in November and re-open on November 25, the day after Thanksgiving.

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Kopplin's Coffee

2038 Marshall Ave., St Paul, MN

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Phil Jaber
Phil Jaber

This coffee is overhyped, too expensive, and the baristas are unpleasant. 

Hate to say it because the space is how I imagine a danish airport waiting lobby, but Dogwood is the best coffee in the Twin Cities . Peace is ok but not worth the trip unless you live in the neighborhood.


@Bianca - Agreed! I miss Fine Grind. My Living Room Cafe wasn't as good--and closed way too early at night.


I never knew what the big deal was with this place.  Maybe my palette isn't refined enough. I mean I can taste the difference between a $0.50 cup of coffee and a $2 one, but can't really taste the difference between a $2 cup and a $4 cup.  Or maybe the difference in taste just isn't worth the $2 to me.


Is Kopplin's replacing "My Living Room Cafe"??? I HOPE SO. RIP Fine Grind.

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