Monticello McDonald's employee scams hundreds in credit card fraud

If you ate at the Monticello McDonald's, better check your credit card statement.
The Wright County Sheriff's office has uncovered a massive case of credit card fraud that took place at the Monticello McDonald's, KSTP reports.

Earlier this summer, a 16-year-old female working the drive-through station had been skimming customers' credit card numbers. Law enforcement officials believe she swiped customers' cards once to make the purchase and then again, with an electronic skimming device that stored the credit card number, without the cardholder's knowledge.

Skimming is a common financial crime in which the stolen number is placed on a new credit card allowing the thief to make purchases charged to the unknowing victim's account.

Officials believe the swiped numbers were passed along to a larger credit card skimming ring that includes the Twin Cities and have already made several arrests.

Wright County is compiling a list of victims and asks all patrons of the East Seventh Street Monticello McDonald's drive-thru during July or August to check their credit card statements. If you suspect fraud, call the Wright County Sheriff's Office at 763.682.7733.

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credit card debt
credit card debt

In many cases, they would be willing to give you lower interest rates to lure you in, take advantage of low interest rate credit cards and pay off your higher rate.

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

Or, you know, use cash at places that pay minimum wage...then if they steal, they're stealing from McDonalds...

Trademark Litigation
Trademark Litigation

You cannot expect people to work for minimum wage and subsidize their salary via credit card debt all to continue the "Made in China" globalization scam. This cannot continue - changes had better come and very soon!

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