Metrodome's new food offerings look lame compared to Target Field's

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The collapsed Metrodome makes a comeback.
Centerplate, a concessions provider for entertainment venues, convention centers, and sports stadiums, announced its new menu items for the 2011 NFL season at the Metrodome.

If you're looking for Vikings-watching fuel, here's what you can expect:

Sausage Kabob Featuring Sheybogan Polish Sausage, hot link, Jalapeno and cheese bratwurst and smoked bratwurst skewered with purple onions and gold peppers served hot off the barbeque grill.

Viking Souvenirs
Fan favorites including the 200 oz bottomless popcorn bucket, Miller Beer & Peanut Bucket, 32 oz Mason Jar Mug as well as the new tall hurricane glass with Viking logo, the Pilsner Beer Glass and the pint cup with purple lid.

Bison Cheeseburger
Midwest sourced savory lean bison patties topped with American cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes served on a bun.

Bison Bratwurst
Midwest sourced bratwurst-style with bison meat sausages.

Bison Hotdog
Midwest all meat bison hot dog served on a bun.

Norseman Nachos
Served at the cantinas, featuring fresh tortilla chips, seasoned ground beef smothered with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce, jalapeño peppers and salsa.

Wings Around the World
Hand shaken savory boneless chicken and prepared to order with an extensive assortment of sauces, including Traditional Buffalo, Golden Barbecue and Sweet Red Chili.

Centerplate is also introducing several Vikings "Fan Appreciation" promotions, including "the Hail Mary Pre-Game Bar, the "Build Your Own" Bloody Mary Bar, Grilled Combos, South Dakota Beer Mugs, the Bottomless Popcorn, and deep fried cheese curds."

Props for sourcing Midwestern meat, but beside the bison items, nothing on the list looks very interesting. Wings? Nachos? Popcorn? Meh. By comparison, Target Field offers far more variety and local flavor.

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Well, lets be honest - this was expected. Metrodome is lame in comparison to Target Field. (see photo above)


What good options are there are Target Field other than Kramarczuk's?

Craft Beer Time
Craft Beer Time

Snooze fest in that lineup.  Suppose lame food for a team that's playing pretty lame.

Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton

Kramarczuk's is probably my favorite, too, but I also like the Murray's steak sandwich, Vincent Burger (admittedly, it's better at the restaurant), and a few others listed here:


The Vincent Burger isn't available at the stands anymore. Just at the restaurants. Granted, it had some quality control issues but it was my favorite item on the menu. That's almost as sad as the Twins season.

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