RIP NorthCoast

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Bill Kelley
Science-kit noshes from NorthCoast's heyday.
Location, location, location is the real estate agent's mantra, but prime lakefront digs weren't enough to keep Wayzata's NorthCoast in business. When the Star Tribune checked in on the restaurant's tax delinquent liquor posting status, it found NorthCoast's phone was disconnected and its website offline (at least that obnoxious Muzak was finally silenced).

While the place was mostly a boater's watering hole, doing most of its business selling burgers and walleye during the summer months from a roof deck overlooking Wayzata Bay, the cooking got far more interesting during the off season. A few years ago, head chef Ryan Aberle offered intriguing tasting menus in which he played around with molecular gastronomy techniques, including such culinary successes as foie gras pop rocks and hot ice cream. Hopefully the property will be snapped up quickly and back in action by next spring.

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Wayzata's NorthCoast offers delectable, edible science experiments

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North Coast - CLOSED

294 E. Grove La, Wayzata, MN

Category: Restaurant

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Aberle..... An unprofessional Manager!! and rude personality. Surprised he's even getting accolades to this article.!!!


Darn it... Say what you will about North Coast but it was leagues better than the incredibly overrated Sunsets in views and food. It did seem quiet on the times I dropped by this summer. I hope something else opens in that space.

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