Barbette's Mode Nouveau--the perfect cocktail for fall

Brandy and spice
Mode Nouveau

1600 W. Lake St., Minneapolis
612.827.5710; website

The big picture window at Barbette frames the city beautifully, whether green leaves are first budding or iridescent snow is falling from the sky. Having a drink in this little nest feels more like hanging at a friend's house than being out on the town. Autumn brings an extra sweet glow to the place, and we wanted a cocktail to match the sensibilities of fall, meaning something warm and spiced. The Mode Nouveau hit all those marks.
While the word Nouveau translates in French to "new," this drink blends vintage cocktail notes with fresh flavors. The menu describes it as a take on the Old-Fashioned cocktail, but with a mix of brandy, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, and bitters, this reminded us more of another classic, the Sidecar. Either way, the deep warming notes of the brandy made bright and spicy with ginger, plus the addition of fragrant herbal bitters, creates a cocktail with a perfect palate of fall flavors.

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1600 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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