Best of Hot Dish, October 24-28, 2011

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up

One Woman's Hands/flickr
Giant pumpkin heads rock this weekend.
We don't need to tell you that Halloween is all about spooky, candy-soaked, goofball fun. This week at the Hot Dish we saluted Halloween the best way we know how--by sharing our favorite stories with you. Here are a few of the week's best.

~What's a food lover to do when it's time to costume? Here are a few of our favorite ideas for the Halloween-lovin' gastronomist.

~As well as a few little numbers we think you should avoid.

~Need some blood, guts, organs, or meaty appendages? We've got you covered with DIY Halloween gore made in your own kitchen.

~And finally, the week's most terrifying story.

We wish you a weekend filled with fog and smoke, tiny Snickers, and the good kind of scary. See you next week.

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