Hell's Kitchen considers a bakery

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​While returning from a bakery seminar, Cyn Omer plunked out an impassioned blog post on a plane. Her plaintive question, if we build it, will you come?

It looks like Hell's Kitchen is considering a bakery. Here's how the idea came about.

At the conference, Omer and pastry chef Katy Gerdes had witnessed some truly disturbing
cakes and trends--including even high-end bakeries using cake mixes. No one was making anything from scratch. Energized, Omer and Gerdes are discussing their own "secret idea" for a bakery.

While the Hell's Kitchen team is still nursing their Duluth-inflicted wounds (an outpost in the Canal Park area went under last summer), they are running the numbers and considering the possibility of a storefront that would sell bread, doughnuts, and other treats.

They've posed the question here to gauge public interest. If the treats are anywhere as unique and addictive as their confounding sausage bread or the nuttier-than-thou peanut butter, we say hell yes!

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