Kopplin's Coffee asks for help with upcoming move

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How much is Kopplin's gourmet coffee worth to you? Wait till you see what a $15,000 donation gets you
​As anyone who's been offered free pizza and beer in exchange for a little moving muscle knows, bribery helps.  So as Kopplin's coffee shop begins to build out its new space at 2038 Marshall Avenue, it has reached out to friends and fans for a little financial help.

On its website Kopplin's is asking for dollar contributions, each with a corresponding prize. Here's what your donation can get you.

Kopplin's says a $5 contribution gets you a hearty thank you. For $20, you'll get a free coffee and a cup cozy. A hundred dollars is worth a handcrafted silver necklace or a reserved seat at a special coffee tasting. A $2,500 contributor wins a cup of coffee every day for over a year. And a whopping $15,000 contribution will get you a trip for two to Costa Rica and a coffee farm tour with Kopplin's owner and coffee aficionado Andrew Kopplin himself.

The new location is situated on a sweet block that could use a shot of espresso. The store was most recently home to My Living Room and A Fine Grind before it. Both were homey, used-furniture coffeehouses. We're guessing the space could use some major sprucing up. Other block residents include Izzy's Ice Cream, Thuro Bakery, and Sweets Bakeshop.

For more information on other prizes and how you can contribute, check out the Kopplin's Coffee website.  The planned re-opening date in the new location is November 25.

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