McDonald's McRib McReturns

Behold the glory!
​Hey, you!  Yes, you with the barbecue-sauce-stained chin and a wild, frenzied look in your eye.  Over the last year, you've been a good boy or girl and now you want your reward, right?  Well, good news!  McDonald's has read your letter to Santa and has announced that America's favorite rib-shaped "pork" patty sandwiches will be returning to Golden Arches around the country.

For those foodies out there who feel that McDonald's has very little to offer, well... you're not wrong.  The McRib isn't really something to start a cult around- although there already is one. This McRib is definitely the product of manufactured demand--if they were available all the time it's hard to believe anyone would make a fuss about them.  The patty is a molded blob of just-a-little-too-soft, a-little-too-greasy pork scrapings--much like a flatter kind of hot dog.  The sauce won't win any ribbons at RibFest, either.  However, this skeptic must admit the pickles do provide a nice contrast in the sandwich.

Thumbnail image for mcrib.jpg
This sandwich is rarely captured in the wild.
McDonald's just announced the return of the Ribwich McRib today.  For those chomping at the bit for your own sandwich, the McRib locator promises to help you find the nearest McDonald's offering this bad boy.  We still feel the website would be better if it were called McRibQuest...

For the DIY crowd, you can always make your own McRib at home using fresh ingredients (creepy clown mascot not included).  The heavily reblogged recipe featured on last year, along with a little ingenuity, pork belly, and your favorite BBQ sauce, should approximate the object of our desire.

So, readers, how excited are you about the McRib coming back?  Answer in the comments below.

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For a Minnesota Mcrib...

1 yeasty roll from your local bakery2-3 oz of head cheese (Ready Meats on Johnson St has a very mild yet tasty version)2 Tbp Wee Willy's BBQ Sauce1oz Pickled Red Onion (heavy on the clove and star anise)

Don't heat it up too much though otherwise the head cheese will melt.  Super umami bomb.


Rachel was let go?  Now I know why there hasn't been an interesting post for a while.  Hope she at least found a better gig.  As far as the Mcrib, no big story.  Comes by once a year and a guilty pleasure for those who like them, otherwise just an eyesore for those who don't.  


Erm Um.  Bring back Rachel hutton.

Michael Mattson
Michael Mattson

I'm with you on the Rachel Love.  She was a good writer and I count her as a friend.  But change is inevitable.  Maybe the next piece I post will be more to your liking.

If you feel strongly about it, perhaps you'd prefer to read the post Rachel wrote last year about the McRib (just swap '2010' for '2011'!):


Sorry to rag on you Micheal.  I'll miss Rachel, but I'll give you a chance.  Just bring on the goods.

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