Todd's Salsa: The new face of local salsa

Sociably responsible and tastes good!
​ Todd's Salsas are the latest locally made products to enter the realm of all-natural foods. The label boasts that it's gluten free, with no added sugar or preservatives, and even reminds you to recycle the glass bottle. These salsas are handcrafted in small batches with all the ingredients being recognizable and easily pronounced.

We sampled all three varieties to see how they stacked up.

Todd's Classic Red Salsa is made from a base of crushed red Roma tomatoes, and from the first bite it was tart and tangy, with a friendly amount of heat. The flavor was fresh and bright, with the quality of the ingredients (including nine different chilies, onions, and sea salt) apparent. Besides the usual tortilla chips, this classic salsa would be great on eggs.

​The Roasted Tomatillo option offered a slight sweetness from the tomatillos but also a prevailing flavor of vinegar that was not that appealing. It definitely lacked the full, rich flavors of the Classic Red and Hot Roasted Chile. Perhaps this would be better as a condiment rather than a stand-alone salsa.

We were surprised by the thick, almost paste-like texture of the Hot Roasted Chile Salsa. The warm smokiness of the roasted chiles is a very smooth, enjoyable flavor. We loved the punch of the heat. It was spicy but conquerable. This hot salsa would be perfect in taco or enchilada filling. Or on anything, it's so versatile.

Overall, we liked the salsas and would definitely maneuver the labyrinth of the Wedge parking lot to pick up some more jars. Todd's Salsa can be found exclusively at The Wedge Co-op. For more information check out @ToddsSalsa on Twitter or the Todd's Salsa Facebook page.

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Todd Tweedy
Todd Tweedy

Thanks Lisa! I'm thrilled that you like my Hot Roasted Chile Sasla and my Classic Red Salsa. Surprisingly, when I do salsa tasting my Roasted Tomatillo Salsa is always picked as tasters favorite.  TRY THIS:  One thing I do at home is to heat up my Tomatillo Salsa in a pan. Take it off the burner just before it starts to boil.  It will change your life!  ; )  


Todd TweedyMaster Salsa MakerTodd's Salsa


I haven't tried this but don't forget Salsa Lisa is local, delicious, and widely available.

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