Heidi's turns up the heat with La Playa

Heidi's La Playa cocktail: Feel the burn
La Playa

Heidi's Minneapolis
2903 Lyndale Ave. S.
612.354.3512; Heidi's website

Spicy cocktails have been big for a while now. Whether it's a ginger syrup, pepper infused, or just adding a dash of a hot sauce to a cocktail, many drinks have had a level of complexity added with a spicy finish. While spice in a cocktail isn't for everyone (that's why many bartenders don't make bloody mix too hot), for the open-minded a spicy finish to a sour or sweet cocktail can really complement the other elements.

Many restaurants and bars now offer a spicy cocktail or two on their list. On a recent trip to Heidi's I found one that was particularly delicious.

On a chilly evening I tried a cocktail called La Playa, a jalapeño margarita with honey as the sweet element. It's a very well-balanced drink. Not only does the jalapeño provide a pleasant little burn at the finish, but its creators have done a very good job of incorporating the freshness of the pepper itself. The honey's sweetness offsets the citrus, and the honey flavor has a part in the drink as well. Stop by Heidi's and warm yourself from the inside!

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