La Sirena Gorda closes

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La Sirena Gorda at Midtown Global Market heading to that big ocean in the sky
Sad news for seafood fans. La Sirena Gorda, beloved perennial Best of the Twin Cities winner, has closed.  Yesterday marked its last day in service. A shocked fan alerted us to the news as she placed her final lunch order. We rushed down to Midtown Global Market and confirmed the news. They were packing up and shutting down.

While there are plenty of other tasty tacos to be had inside Midtown Global Market, La Sirena Gorda (the Fat Mermaid) had the best fish.  Other favorites included the garlic shrimp and the ceviche - which we declared last year as one of our top 100 Favorite Meals.

No news yet on what the future holds for Alfonso Menendez, the owner of La Sirena Gorda and onetime owner of Babalu. We wish him big and tasty things in his future.

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La Sirena Gorda - CLOSED

920 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

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It is also my understanding that Alfonso has an illness that led him to retire to favorite place.  Acapulco.  It truely is sad that Sirena has closed.  I always liked the food there and its lovely presentation.  Good Luck Alfonso


I wonder how well these same restaurants that are struggling in the Midtown Global Market would do in downtown where there seems to be higher demand for this sort of thing. Are the rents there too prohibitive?  Maybe they should also try the food truck route. 

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

Yes, there are now a couple of flyers posted on La Sirena Gorda's counters that mention his illness as the reason LSG closed. I wish Alfonso the best.

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

I was talking about this with one of my friends. I live above the Market, so I'm down there a lot, and La Sirena Gorda was one of my favorite places.

I wondered if it wasn't at least a couple of  things:1. There are a lot of choices in the MGM as far as Mexican fare (to varying degrees of authenticity): La Loma, Los Ocampo, Manny's Tortas, Ay Carumba!, and new standout Sonora Grill, in addition to LSG. Oversaturation?2. Is it just me, or do not many people around here care for seafood? And with so many non-seafood Mexican food options a few steps away, it's almost not fair.

I'm really going to miss the crab cake burger and its accompanying pickled beet salad, the tilapia, and the ceviche on tostadas. :(


I know from a colleague who's seen the financials of a few spots in MGM that several spots that havent closed yet are in financially tenuous situations. From what he understood they were counting on hospital traffic that never met expectations.

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