McDonald's won't buy eggs from Minnesota company after hidden camera investigation reveals cruelty to chickens [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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McDonald's has ended its relationship with Sparboe Farms over a hidden-camera investigation.
McDonald's won't buy eggs from a Minnesota company anymore after a hidden-camera investigation discovered acts of cruelty to the animals.

The company, Sparboe Farms, is based in Litchfield. ABC News is running a detailed report tonight on 20/20 about the farms, focusing on Sparboe's facility in Iowa, which formerly "produced all eggs used by McDonald's restaurants west of the Mississippi River," according to the television station.

ABC's report will feature hidden-camera footage from Mercy for Animals, an animal rights group based in Chicago. The video shows chickens being suffocated, tied to a hook and swung around by their feet, and having their beaks burnt off, among other horrific acts of "torture."

ABC's preview says Sparboe has fired all its employees who were seen on camera abusing animals.

"We have a zero-tolerance policy," the report quotes Ken Klippen, Sparboe's director of government relations, saying. "People who violate that policy, we take that very seriously."

McDonald's faxed a statement to ABC this morning saying they would no longer accept eggs from Sparboe Farms.

See Mercy for Animals' graphic video below.

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