Pizza Hero: Would you use the new app to make and order your pizza?

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The Pizza Hero app: Are you game?
Domino's Pizza recently released an application for iPad called Pizza Hero, a game-based way to create and order a pizza while you're on the go (or, let's be real, on the couch). For people who still like to speak to a human being when they are giving out credit card information, and are content to leave the dough-rolling up to the professionals, it seems like this would not be the best solution. On the other hand, by allowing customers to choose their ingredients and virtually "make" the pizza they want to eat IRL, Domino's could eliminate errors in orders and provide faster and service.

Maybe it comes down to a simpler question. Pizza Hero: kinda stupid? Or kinda cool? Please join in the Dish-cussion in the comment area below, and click to see a video of the new app.

Here is the video demo, courtesy of Domino's Youtube channel.

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Stupid App.  Now that you mention it, I've never had a pizza messed up.  Unless you consider a tastless, fake looking pizza, a mess up. Then Domino's has messed up in the past.


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