Winterfest tickets on sale December 1

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Winterfest features the best of Minnesota beer
Winterfest is arguably the best beer fest of the year. It is definitely my favorite. An event sponsored by the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, it is open only to guild members; no out-of-state breweries here. To showcase their prowess, the state's breweries and brewpubs bring their best. Unique and tasty creations appear in addition to the standard favorites. Held in the granite halls of the Minnesota History Center, it's an intimate affair. Ticket sales are limited to 700, which means they are in great demand. Get your mouse-clicking fingers ready, because tickets go on sale December 1 at noon.

You'll need to be online and ready to go. Last year's festival sold out in 30 seconds. Seriously, 30 seconds! Tickets are $55 this year, and yes it's worth it. The price of admission gets you a complimentary tasting glass and access to the food, entertainment, education, and of course the beer. The Guild has imposed a purchase limit of four tickets this year. Buy your tickets at Tempo Tickets.

The festival takes place on Friday, February 3, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Minnesota History Center at 345 Kellogg Boulevard West in St. Paul. It's early, so the Guild website doesn't yet have a lot of information about the fest. It does say that food will be catered by Bon Appetit. They have done a good job in the past. FLOW Productions will provide Winterfest 2012 with a hip, funky DJ vibe. Education programs will be offered by Land of Amber Waters author Doug Hoverson and me.

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Minnesota History Center

345 Kellogg Blvd. W., St. Paul, MN

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Nice job of self-promotion by a CP 'writer'.............


Yeah, because an event that sells out in 30 seconds needs promotion.

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