Bachelor Farmer hires new pastry chef, loses sous chef

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The Bachelor Farmer has ladies coming and going
The Bachelor Farmer has been garnering raves from around the Cities, from four stars from Rick Nelson at the Star Tribune to Best New Restaurant awards.  Just try to get a 7 o'clock dinner reservation and you'll see just how beloved the Dayton brothers' restaurant has become.

The Minneapolis Nordic-style restaurant recently announced some changes in the kitchen.
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One of Steinbach's cupcake creations
Kelsey Bergstrom, the opening sous chef, has decided to leave the restaurant to "pursue interests outside the culinary industry." Bachelor Farmer is now looking for a replacement.

Incoming, the owners have found a new pastry chef in Krista Steinbach, onetime partner and chef at Sweets Bakeshop.  Steinbach is known for making the best macaroons this side of the Seine and ultra-moist cupcake creations. 

Her first addition to the menu was a pear tarte tatin with whipped crème fraîche and pear caramel.

One other change the restaurant has planned is the addition of a brunch service later next year.

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