Blue Door Pub wants you to create its next burger

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Stuff all your creativity into the center of a free range beef patty

It's that time of year when visions of caramelized onions, molten cheeses, and red currant jelly dance in our heads. St. Paul's always-packed burger joint the Blue Door Pub announced it is accepting pitches for the next B.O.M., or Blucy of the Moment, which means your suggestion could end up as the newest burger on the menu.

Here's how to submit your idea:

Fill out the form on the Blue Door Pub website to submit your original idea for the next great stuffed burger.

To give you a hint of the possibilities: Alongside classic favorites like the Breakfast Blucy, with thick-cut bacon and a fried egg, and the Cajun Blucy with pepperjack and diced jalapenos, the Blue Door is now offering the Horsekick, stuffed with horseradish blue cheese and slathered with horseradish mayo, and a Cuban sandwich and Original Blucy hybrid cutesily called the Blucy, You Got Some Splainin' To Do!

According to the restaurant's site, contest winners are promised "Blue Door riches, fame, and glory," so we're guessing a T-shirt and bragging rights. But those are pretty good bragging rights.

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The Blue Door Pub

1811 Selby Ave., St. Paul, MN

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we gave up trying to eat there.  one hour wait, every time we visit. 4 times.

Eat Coats Doug
Eat Coats Doug

Must have been a bad day for Doug... What's your problem with burgers? Or is it the carnivories you have a problem with? Most common is possible.. most base or utilitarian? Aren't all meals utilitarian? They stop you from being hungry. Why else would you eat?


East Coast Doug
East Coast Doug

There is no 'greatest burger'.  A 'burger' is the the most common, most base, most utiltarian carnivorie meal.

I guess 20 'somethings' who refuse to cook even a burger, have some kind of strange lust for such a lack luster meal.   I would venture to say 'a dog's dinner'.


It is pretty much impossible and burgers aren't worth waiting for.

Your Colleague
Your Colleague

Doug, let me tell you what no one else at the holiday party will (without a lot of booze): you're a pretentious bore.

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