Hell's Kitchen to open a bakery

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Do they serve cupcakes in Hell?
We first reported that Hell's Kitchen was considering expanding its business with a bakery, and now plans are moving forward. The downtown stalwart with the eclectic decor will be branching out beyond sausage bread and enormous cinnamon rolls to include cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and bread. 

Here's more information on what they won't have, when they're opening, and where they will be.

There will be nothing appropriate for a toddler tea party. There will be no Smurf's and such. Although we'd enjoy a peak at what the little blue fellas would look like as re-imagined by Ralph Steadman, we understand the aversion.

The bakery will be led by its current pastry chef, Katy Gerdes. The site will be a 1,500-square-foot area above the restaurant's subterranean location. It will include a coffee bar with a few seats available to watch the bakers work.

The owners are looking at an opening date on or near May 6, Hell's Kitchen's 10-year anniversary.

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Hell's Kitchen

80 S. 9th St., Minneapolis, MN

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