Lisa Hanson resurfaces, opening Mona

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Farm-to-table dining coming to downtown?
​Lisa Hanson, onetime chef de cuisine at Corner Table, will be opening Mona in downtown Minneapolis. Hanson has most recently been running her own Mona Lisa catering, and she will likely bring her passion for local, sustainable farming and deft culinary skills to an underutilized corner of downtown.

Here's where you'll be able to find Hanson soon:

Mona will replace Black Bamboo on the ground floor of the Accenture tower.  Slated to open in the spring, the restaurant will seat about 100 people, according to Jim Smart of Smart Architects, which is designing the space, as first reported by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

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When are Chefs going to realize that foie gras is cruel NOT trendy????You alienate a large group of people who don't support this type of unnecessary animal cruelty. I for one will NOT eat at a restaurant that serves foie gras or veal. Don't let people trick you into believing it is sustainably raised and humane. There is NO such thing as humane foie gras. Maybe Chef Lisa should take a bold and compassionate stand and sign the Animal Rights Coalition's pledge to NOT serve foie gras. Many Minneapolis restaurants have signed the Forego Foie Gras pledge already and the numbers are growing by the day. I would love to see a foie gras free Minneapolis!


This is great news!  The family has always loved Corner Table -- haven't tried Mona Lisa catering, but I bet it's just great.  Nice location too.  Good luck!  Looking forward to trying the new place.


I don't think people think it is trendy since it has been popular for thousands of years. I am pretty sure people make it/eat it because it is delicious. Nice passionate rant though. Maybe more caps and overkill punctuation next time.

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