Masu Sushi to open in former Soul Daddy space at Mall of America

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Masu brings high-quality sushi to the MOA
Mpls/St. Paul Magazine broke the news that popular Northeast sushi joint Masu Sushi and Robata, a restaurant created under the guidance and consultation of Tim McKee, will open a second location. Interestingly enough, it's slated to make its home at the former Soul Daddy space in the Mall of America.

​With Tiger Sushi and Crave already dominating the sushi market at the mall, Masu will be in good company, but its advantage may be its focus on sustainably sourced seafood, appealing to the conscientious diner.

Sasha Landskov

In terms of decor, the second location will keep with the "urban Tokyo vibe" and will have the capacity to seat about 120 people.

Masu at the Mall of America is scheduled to open in early spring.

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My math is a little rusty, but from my calculations this will be roughly a billion times better than Tiger Sushi. It will be nice to not only have supermarket-grade sushi packaged and sold at high end prices (as my friends call it, Tiger Droppings). I really like Masu, is Asan still handling their sushi menu?

Hopefully the mall will tighten it's policies to prevent violent melees like the one on Monday.

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