Have Fundido at Rosa Mexicano's happy hour of the week

Rosa neon sign med.jpg
A pink beacon in the night...
Rosa Mexicano
609 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis

Weekdays, 3-6 p.m. (in the bar area only)

Drinks & Eats:
La Tradicional Margarita - $4.90
The 1800 Margarita - $5.50
Pitchers of Sangría - $4.90/$14
1800 Tequila Shots - $5.50
Select Imported Beers - $3
Queso Fundido - $4.90
Flautas de Pollo - $4.50
Ensalada del Mercado - $3.90
Tacos de Pollo - $4
Tacos de Panza con Callos de Hacha - $6.40

Sure there have been naysayers, but the Hot Dish has trouble saying no to any visit that involves tequila. So off we went to City Center's latest and checked out what's afoot in the bar.

Venue: Gently flowing water walls, glass art, and splashes of color give some much needed class to this address. Sure, the crowd is mainly the cubicle set for happy hour, but the low lighting means that anyone can sneak in and enjoy some upscale chips and margaritas at the long bar or nearby tables in the lounge area. Whether headed for the movies, the theater, or simply home after filling up on Rosa's upscale Mexican fare and drinks, it's a good downtown pit stop in the late afternoon/early evening.

queso fundido large.jpg
Nobody doesnt' like melted cheese.

Verdict: A half-price margarita is a half-price margarita is a ... you get the point. Plus, the Queso Fundido is the ideal happy hour nosh--we're talking a mix of melted cheese, chorizo, cilantro, and slow-cooked Mexican peppers that is as tasty as it sounds. For salad and water types, they offer an Ensalada del Mercado ($3.90), and for the more adventurous there's the Tacos de Panza con Callos de Hacha ($6.40), a.k.a. pork belly and sea scallop tacos. Wash it all down with a traditional margarita, sangria, beer, or a shot of 1800 (love this option). Although we would prefer a full week of happy hours, the selection of both eats and drinks makes this a hh to add to our list of regular downtown deals.

La Tradicional Margarita

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Location Info

Rosa Mexicano

609 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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I won't go there because I don't trust a place as having Mexican cuisine is they can't get the grammar right between "rosa" and "mexicano". Una rosa mexicana si puedo entender. Pero cuando no hay concordancia de género, me lleva puta. 


Haha! Um, Citypages trashes this place in the review (11/15/2011) and then recommends it (12/5/2011) calling it a pink beacon in the night. Wow. Amazing what a few advertising dollars will buy ya now a days...

Herb Renaissance
Herb Renaissance

no way i'm going.  the citypages said only rubes go there and it's not as good as new york.  so no way for me.


@Dannyzippers The grammar is correct. Rosa Mexicano is the color hot pink. Look at the color of the sign and you would know this!


PS I work in a cubicle so FUCK YOU TOO

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