Sex World re-created in gingerbread

Kari Schuster
A candy-coated Sex World
Local artist and creative eater Kari Schuster of MPLS.TV's Caught in a Nosh, has made an edible replica of a Minneapolis landmark where you would never, ever want to eat: Sex World. The Hot Dish got in touch with Kari to ask her what inspired this project and how you can go about making your very own XXX gingerbread house. 

How do you come up with your ideas for Caught in a Nosh?

A lot of my project ideas are spur of the moment. I might see a random object and then an idea will strike me on how to turn it into something. Like the Meta Pizza, I happened to see pizza-flavored hummus at the grocery store, and then a few days later it struck me as a funny idea to turn a bunch of pizza-flavored snacks into a pizza. 

Kari Schuster
Yuletide and Bound
And for this particular project? We love that you titled it Yuletide and Bound, by the way.

For the Sex World gingerbread house, I already knew that I wanted to make a gingerbread structure for my December MPLS.TV post and that it should be something Minneapolis related. Then one night my boyfriend and I were tossing ideas back and forth and we ended up sticking with Sex World. It was just too ridiculous not to do it. Basically my project ideas are just things I find amusing and will hopefully be amusing to others. And the more absurd the better. 

How did you go about re-creating it? Did you make your own gingerbread?

I used the icing, candy, and five wall pieces from two store-bought kits. They were just a generic Target brand "Gingerbread House Kit." Luckily the Sex World building is a simple structure and the only modification I had to make was sawing down a couple of wall pieces with a knife to make them the shape I needed.

Kari Schuster never stopped playing with her food
Any other Minneapolis landmarks that are inspiring you to make more edible sculptures?

Right now there's no plans for anymore gingerbread building this year, but there's always next year! 

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