What restaurant are you dying to try in 2012?

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Emily Utne
Tilia was a top destination for 2011. Where do you want to eat in 2012?
It's a new year, and there is no dearth of new restaurants opening in the Twin Cities. In 2011, we anxiously awaited the arrival of the Kickstarter-funded Donut Cooperative, welcomed Steven Brown and the fabulous Tilia, and covered every move made by the Dayton brothers as they prepared to launch the Bachelor Farmer

2012 looks like it will shape up to be a banner year, as we look forward to places like Butcher and the Boar (slated to open in February), Humble Pie (Kim Bartmann's revamp of Gigi's), and Jack's reopening, with Barbette's Kevin Kathman at the helm.  

What restaurant are you dying to try in 2012? Join in the Dish-cussion below.

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