Izzy's Ice Cream may build factory on Minneapolis riverfront

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Izzy's production may move to Minneapolis
Despite opposition from Gold Medal Park residents, the Minneapolis City Council development committee voted to sell the city-owned site in the Mills District where Izzy's Ice Cream is proposing to build a factory, according to the Star Tribune.

Though the council has yet to formally complete the transaction that would allow Izzy's to start building, the wheels are already very much in motion for the St. Paul company's expansion to the Minneapolis side of the river. They have hired a Duluth-based architect to design the factory, and the land is already zoned for industrial use, a point that was stressed to opponents of the project who feel a factory, no matter how wonderful or whimsical a product they manufacture, will be an eyesore.

The retail status of the factory also seems to be presenting a problem to area residents and other businesses. Izzy's does plan to sell pre-packed pints and larger quantities of ice cream straight from the factory, but has no plans to sell ice cream by the scoop ... or by the Izzy.


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A factory is a factory. I've been to the Ben & Jerry's plant in Vermont and while the tour was fun there nobody living near it for good reason --and I doubt this new one would be as fun as that plant.


Having lived next to a dairy processing plant in a different city, I can certainly understand the concerns of the neighbors. Semis running coolers all night is loud and aggravating. I don't know why the city would allow an industrial user in that area. This is a case of the city begin too friendly to the business community. If this was a multinational company asking to build on the revitalizing riverfront, they would not be supportive. If the city council approves it, I hope they get endless phone calls from people who can't sleep because semi's and milk trucks are running all night.

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