Top 10 sushi restaurants in the Twin Cities

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6) Wasabi

Sushi lovers who are also penny-pinchers who also party hard have one clear destination in Minneapolis: Wasabi Fusion Cuisine. One of the few restaurants on Washington Avenue with a parking lot, the dining area is enclosed within a beautiful, temple-like space of soaring ceilings and sturdy 19th-century rafters. Beyond that, all its strengths lie in wicked strong drinks, cold beers, and big, big value: A party platter for four (or more) runs $65, for instance. At lunch, three big sushi rolls and a bowl of miso soup cost what a single roll does at most rival restaurants. Wasabi's unlikely to be the first choice for sushi snobs, but if you're sick of picking up astronomical tabs at those sushi snob birthday parties, welcome to your new favorite restaurant.
903 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis. 612.339.6688
Wasabi website

7) Seven Sushi Ultralounge and Skybar

There's a little bit of Las Vegas on Hennepin Avenue at the Seven Sushi Lounge, upstairs from Seven the Steakhouse. The lights are low, the house music incessant, and the stylish crowd is more mature and more moneyed than the rest of the downtown nightlife scene. The sushi and sashimi range from pure ruby blocks of raw toro to smorgasbord-style maki. The sheer scope of the sushi menu earns Seven a spot on the list, with nine chef's-specialty rolls available in addition to the 20+ standard rolls on the menu, not to mention the seven platter options for multiple diners. Prices reflect the downtown hot-spot vibe, and the rooftop deck, or Skybar, is one of the hottest perches in town during warm weather.
700 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis. 612.238.7770
Seven Sushi Ultralounge website

8) Nami

It seems counterintuitive to have a family-run restaurant with all the chic trappings of urban cool, yet here it is. Nami opened in 2002 in an elegantly renovated warehouse in downtown Minneapolis with a Japanese sushi chef lured from Los Angeles, a thumping sound system, and an enormous bar full of beautiful people. And yet it seems like there's always a member of the Choi family somewhere on the scene. The sushi is as good as any in town, but the restaurant really distinguishes itself with budget pricing, an amazing piece of "butterfish" (miso-marinated black cod), and ambiance that's chic and airy enough to support fancy dates, business lunches, and martini-soaked birthday parties.
251 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis. 612.333.1999
Nami website

9) Chino Latino
chino latino x 200.jpg
If you're a hot enough country, you're cool enough to have your cuisine represented at Uptown's red-hot Chino Latino--Mexico, Thailand, Jamaica, Polynesia, Korea, take a bow, you're in! And if you're hot enough to sip powerful, fruity, yummy drinks in a dazzling sort of red-toned Blade Runner sequel of a restaurant, look no further than this two-level style palace. The extensive menu, which features flavors from wide-ranging cultures and cuisines, makes Chino Latino a great destination for groups that include people who have yet to succumb to the allure of raw fish. Sushi lovers can choose from creative, ambitious options like the Chipotle Salmon Roll or the fiery Wasabi Tuna Drano Balls, while those who like their food fully cooked have no shortage of choices on the rest of the epic, sassy menu.
2916 Hennepin Avenue S., Minneapolis. 612.824.7878
Chino Latino website

10) Sushi Tango

Ever since Teng "Tengo" Thao, a Hmong native with an impish, contagious sense of fun, began making the counter at Origami not just a place for great food, but a place for bar-pounding fun, a devoted cult has followed him and his sideman Sefu as they blazed an award-strewn trail through all the best sushi bars in town. When he opened this little spot on the second floor of Calhoun Square, the little cult breathed a collective sigh of relief, so exhausted were they from having to keep track of Tengo's comings and goings. Why the cult status? Scrupulously fresh fish; extravagant, even overblown, sometimes hilarious rolls; and a joint-is-jumping sushi-bar atmosphere with jokes, drinks, more jokes, more drinks, and fish fish fish. With locations in Uptown and Woodbury, urbanites and suburbanites alike have access to some of the most raucous sushi in the state.
3001 Hennepin Avenue S., Minneapolis. 612.822.7787
8362 Tamarack Village, Woodbury. 651.578.0064
Sushi Tango website

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Please update this list! No Raku, Yumis, Wakame, or even Midoris on this list?! and how did Chino make the list but none of these? 😂😂


Sharing this list for sushi lover will really worth, many thanks for sharing sushi restaurants list. Is anyone of these restaurant offer food catering, anybody have an idea? If Yes, please share, really appreciated.


No Wakame? And while Chino is ok, it certainly is not a place that should be on a sushi list!


Are you kidding?? Chino Latino and Wasabi made this list, but Sushi Fix (BEST in the Twin Cities) and Yumi's didn't? Clearly this writer hasn't a clue. At all.


I would like to recommend everyone to eat at Fuji-Ya which ranks No.3 because I have enjoyed it. How delicious their sushi is! They are japanese tastes. It is located in Lake Street & Lyndale.


I see a diss for Tiger Sushi down the comments... grr.  Not sure how they rubbed you the wrong way but I'd take a #10 roll from them any day!


As far as the original article: Chino Latino?!  That restaurant has NO place in this list.  Having a couple sushi items on the menu does NOT a sushi restaurant make (no matter how good those items may be).  There are a bunch of other sushi places in town that deserve attention before succumbing to this.


I've been fairly disappointed with the fish at Fuji-Ya the last few times I've been there but it still deserves a place here (maybe not so high in the list).  Wakame over by Calhoun treated me quite well for my first time there... worth a look.  I was pleasantly surprised by Osaka.  Maybe I just lucked out on being there for Fresh Fish day or something but the Nigiri I had was fantastic (and at half-off everything for lunch a *very small bill).  I could see them being hit or miss day-to-day or location-to-location but I had a great experience there (Bloomington location)


Midori's Floating World Cafe in south Mpls!

sushi restaurant in la
sushi restaurant in la

"Scattered sushi", comes in huge servings with a part of grain at the end with a wide range of different substances such as squid, trout, seafood and spanish mackerel placed decoratively on top. There is also a fermented edition known as, "Narezushi", which goes through a long procedure of being full of sodium, placed in casks and being sapped of all drinking water.


Kyoto in Eagan and Ichiban in downtown Minneapolis have GREAT SUSHI (ichiban is better by a slight bit, but kyoto offers sashimi) and both offer all you can eat. If you want sashimi from kyoto, be sure to remember it is on their dinner menu only.


Poor Dave G, you haven't a clue when it comes to sushi!

Boom Boom
Boom Boom

Disappointed not to see Yumi's in Excelsior on this list. Definitely the best sushi next to Origami downtown.


The top three was good but the list afterward could definitely be subject of heated debate. At least there were no complete WTF choices like Tiger Sushi, Crave or a grocery store.

Dave Gangler
Dave Gangler

I thought this list was quite good.  I'll just add that the Mexican Roll at Crave is my favorite roll in town.

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