Buffalo Wild Wings to test tabletop iPad ordering in Minneapolis

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Sticky business: BWW lets you order wings from an iPad
​After successfully completing one phase of testing at a Toronto store, Buffalo Wild Wings announced plans to launch a second phase of testing of its proposed tabletop iPad ordering system at an undisclosed Minneapolis branch, reports Computer World.

Buffalo Wild Wings, the largest Minneapolis-based restaurant chain, says it doesn't intend for the new technology to take the place of servers, but it will allow customers to place their food and drink orders, and even run their credit cards, on the specially designed 9.7-inch tablets.

BWW aims to enhance its customers' experience by making it possible to watch video, check Facebook, and enjoy exclusive gaming on the BWW in-store tablets. Of course, with such a captive, hungry audience, BWW may also consider using the iPads for advertising opportunities.   

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Some fancy restaurants I've seen abroad have been using actual iPads as menus (still with regular servers) to take the place of printing a new menu everyday. With that said, with the "quality" of service I've seen at several local BWWs, I think cutting them out of taking orders will make things much more timely at a place that just has to fry wings and apply sauce. I'd love to see this at the one next to all the Gophers sports venues. They're always inept.


There are enough people constantly on their phones in restaurants.  This is one more thing to decrease interaction with humans.  Kids are going to have a hard time working with eachother in the future.  Job interviews over texts.  Human interaction is very healthy.  Constant texts, pay at pump, xbox live, facebook, keep people in their own weird little world.  Do you take this woman to be your wife?  Press 1 for yes, 2 for no.


What is going to happen when people get done eating wings and have their fingers all over the iPads? I understand that BWW supplies wet towels, but still? I feel like it is an expensive decision, and for what - so people can self-check themselves out? Half of BWW's demographics probably don't know how to use an iPad anyway, so it will take them longer to figure out than if a server were to just take their order/check them out. If most people are like me, the most important part of dining out is quick service that allows me to enjoy the reasons why I came to the restaurant: the ambiance, having a fun dinner with friends, and a delicious meal. Sure, iPads are cool, but are they practical in restaurants ...especially ones notorious for getting messy?

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