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Yael Grauer
Moules Frites are a new addition to Sea Change's lunch menu.
​Sea Change made some additions to its lunch menu recently, and we headed over to take a look.

The changes add a bit of variety to a previously sparse lunch menu and provide more options to those looking for a more relaxed, simpler lunch.

Lunch includes the raw bar options, such as oysters, ahi tuna poke, smoked salmon, and clams, and ranges from $9 to $15.

The restaurant has introduced three new salads, including a fried calamari salad, complete with charred jalapeno and garam masala aioli, a spinach salad with chicken thigh and a hard-cooked egg, and a smoked trout salad. It also serves a soup of the day.

Yael Grauer
The mussels are served with crispy fries.
​The sandwich lineup now has a bologna sandwich and also the return of an old favorite, the fish sandwich, served with American cheese and tartar sauce.

Entree additions include boullabaise, the traditional Provençal fish stew; a market fish of the day, allowing for more seasonal items; and the simple yet tasty moules frites (mussels and fries), served with crisp French bread with green aioli.

The prix fixe menu, previously only available sporadically, will run for $15 before noon on matinee days at the Guthrie. It includes two of the following three courses: a mixed green salad with goat cheese and sherry vinaigrette, the moules frites, and chocolate cremeux.

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