Kitchen in the Market to host 'Seafood Throwdown' competition

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Let the sustainable seafood battle begin!
​Two of the top seafood chefs in the city will be going head to head in a culinary battle to the finish. Both chefs are relatively new to their head toque positions. Jamie Malone is still only into her first (official) year as chef de cuisine at Tim McKee's Sea Change in the Guthrie Theater.  And chef Robert Wohlfeil only recently took over the kitchen at Oceanaire when it made the move to its new Nicollet Mall space. Yet both have already earned considerable praise. Both chefs and their restaurants have also committed to the Minnesota Zoo's Fish Smart program, pledging to serve only sustainable seafood.  

The two chefs will compete in "Seafood Throwdown" event at Kitchen in the Market. Here's how you can join them, and some surprising local "celebrity" judges, for a tasting and refreshments at this fish fight.

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What does Jamie Malone have up her sleeve?
​The Throwdown is going down at 6:30 on Monday, February 27, at Kitchen in the Market inside the Midtown Global Market. Stephanie March, food editor for Mpls/St. Paul magazine and co-host of 107.1 My Talk's Weekly Dish program, will act as emcee. I will be representing the Hot Dish by sitting in judgement and likely hogging the microphone with snappy opinions.

Tickets are $60 and available here.  Attendees will also get to taste the dishes and learn more about selecting sustainable seafood.

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John Batt
John Batt

This concept and the reasons for publicity seem really well placed, I like the fact that both chefs here are clearly ambitious and into sustainable living. However, kind of inclined to agree with Jason below, $60 does seem very steep!

Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

This whole article has got to be kidding. Who starts these competitions anyway? Get some more people involved at that ticket price. Maybe someone not associated with Tim McKee for a change.

Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

And to be clear, Im totally and completely for what these two are doing, it just needs better organization from the promoter of the event.

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