Smalley's 87 club closing this weekend

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The best bar-in-an-alley is changing
​Smalley's 87 Club in downtown Minneapolis is closing after this weekend, according to Food Service News. Located inside the historic Butler Square and utilizing the adjacent alley, the bar was named for Twins All-Star and current broadcaster Roy Smalley.  

The bar was within walking distance of Target Field and had served legions of thirsty fans. So what will be going in its place?

A sports bar! Shocking, considering before Smalley's the space was a Champp's. FSN reports that Smalley's will be closed for remodeling and renaming after this weekend. The new bar will be called the Alley Sports Tavern.

We'll be interested in seeing what "remodeling" entails. Bigger TV's? Adjustable La-Z-Boy seating? A Buffalo wing dispenser? The possibilities are limited!

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Smalley's 87 Club - CLOSED

100 N. 6th St., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Music

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Just found out that they closed - now I am stuck with 2 $25 gift certificates!  Is the new place owned by the same company?  Wonder if they will honor it?


They tossed out a loyal, weekly group of college football fans last season for another and it looks like it didn't pay off. Karma's a B.


Crappy and overpriced food and bad service.  Good luck with the remodel!

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