Three Tiers Bakery: Try the Kim Chee Ramen

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Yael Grauer
Three Tiers may be best known for its charming desserts (including devil's food cupcakes with chocolate ganache and topped with a thin sheet of gold, creme brulee, or even Kabocha squash turtlettes), but it's the soup that piqued my interest. If your only experience of ramen has been relegated to scrounging up loose change for groceries before landing your first full-time job, you're in for a treat. Here's why:

First, there's the kim chee--not only is it loaded with beneficial bacteria, it also contributes to the masterful symphony of flavors. Next, it's the combination of ingredients: Green onions meld with bean sprouts, chunks of meat of your choice combine with carrots, and the soft-boiled egg on top seals the deal. Finally, not only is the soup satisfying and filling, it'll also kill any lingering sinus issues--even if you are a spice wimp like me and ask for the Thai peppers on the side.

A big bowl is yours for $9.95. Enjoy!

Location Info

3 Tiers - CLOSED

5011 34th Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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it's kimchi. not kimchee. stop spelling it that way.

Tony Chen
Tony Chen

I found Tonpopo's ramen to be a bit underwhelming, so perhaps I will give this a try


Weird, I could have sworn there was an address right there... oh, there it is! 

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