Andrew Zimmern tweets in support of Chef Phanthavong, Amy Senser's victim

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Andrew Zimmern is looking forward to Amy Senser's trial
Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern tweeted his support for dead True Thai chef Anousone Phanthavong Friday afternoon.

Phanthavong had worked at True Thai since 2002. He was the restaurant's head cook until Amy Senser ran him over on the Riverside exit of I-94 last August. A Hennepin County judge ruled Friday that Senser will stand trial for criminal vehicular homicide in April.

Zimmern tweeted that story later along with the following comment: "Chef phanthavong to finally have his senseless death exposed/detailed in court of law."

The Senser case has been deeply contentious since Amy Senser turned herself in to police and admitted that she was the one driving the vehicle that killed Phanthavong. (Senser contends she did not know that she had hit Phanthavong.)

To many, the Senser case is a referendum on power and privilege. Amy Senser killed Phanthavong, an immigrant from Laos, while he was filling up his car with gasoline. Amy Senser is the wife of ex-Vikings star Joe Senser, with many friends in the local press.

True Thai owner Anna Prasomphol criticized local media in the aftermath of Phanthavong's killing, singling out WCCO's Esme Murphy, MPR's Bob Collins, and Star Tribune columnist Gail Rosenblum as going easy on Senser.

"There's no one to talk for the family," she told City Pages last September. "Everybody else--the Senser family has a lot of people, friends in the media. And [Phanthavong] basically has just me."

With Zimmern's tweet, Prasomphol can take comfort in knowing that there are people out there on Phanthavong's side.

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mr are an one says yet ms senser hit and killed mr phanthavong, especially in neglect...of course ours hearts go out to him and his family, but you have condemned before you know the whole truth of the evening..even if it was an accident- a horrible unjustifiable accident..don't condemn...remember that when you reach the lords gates.



Even if Phanthavong was high on cocaine at the time of his death, how exactly does that excuse the fact that Senser ran her vehicle into him while he was adding fuel to his car -- his car which HAD the hazard lights flashing? 

I'm also confused by your choice of terminology with the word "allegedly."  Senser did not "allegedly" hit Phanthavong.  She admitted to it, and the damage to her car proves she did it.  How would you explain the fact that his BLOOD was found on the hood of her car?

I am really disgusted with the way the Sensers have behaved in regard to this situation, and I really hope this trial shines a bright light on everything and reveals the truth.  Panthavong's friends and family deserve that!


And it seems like City Pages never seems to bring attention to the matter that Phanthavong was high on cocaine when he was allegedly hit by Sensor.

Elena Williams
Elena Williams

Good, it's about time local "stars" stepped up and brought attention to the matter. 


What in the hell are you trying to say?  First of all, his name is "Zimmern", and what language are you speaking?


bologna!!!!! the truth will come out...she did not believe she hit him, even though much of the evidence shows she did- the proof is did she knowingly hit a person at that time, and not after all this came out in the news!!!!!!!

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