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Get in my belly
​Pull on your most forgiving pants and make your way to the Harmon district tonight. The quick-to-update but slow-to-open Butcher and the Boar is officially ready for public consumption, and the word on the street after its soft opening is that the food is definitely worth the wait. What kind of food can you expect to soon enjoy?

The full menu has not yet been posted by the owners, but executive chef Jack Riebel places his cuisine in the category of "American Craft" and, as the restaurant's name suggests, there is a heavy emphasis on meat. The soft opening menu included various types of sausage, smoked long rib, double-cut Berkshire pork chops, and wild boar ham. Some seafood sneaks its way into a couple courses, including a lobster grilled cheese sandwich, Texas red fish, and tequila-cured salmon. The desserts appear to highlight a decidedly Southern perspective with a bourbon pecan tart, smoked s'mores, and a whiskey and Coke float. 

Reservations are recommended, and the restaurant will begin dinner service at 5 tonight. Are you going?

Butcher and the Boar
1121 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis

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If you were at the opening, you saw my wife getting sick at our table. While I felt fine, Gina, my wife got a pretty bad case food poisoning from the sausage. I think we will give them a chance to work out the kinks before we go back. 

Mr Joes
Mr Joes

looks like the kinda place we all like to find,.open late too !  .with those prices and decor, they better have a mellow woman jazz singer in the corner dressed for the evening singing soothing sounds to make me forget about the bill...............at least on weekends..I come and introduce my creation from new years eve past.....the "Cherry New Year Martiinni"  or if your older, the Cheery New Year Martini.........it would fit in a place like this........


We had a wonderful time last night at the Boar opening!   Food was amazing, service was excellent and EC Jack took a lot of time to introduce himself and his kitchen secrets.  Bar is cool, I'm thinking this place is going to be a Twins pre-game destination for many.

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