Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl leaving Minnesota Monthly for Mpls/St. Paul magazine

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Never know where you'll see her next
​Twitter was sent a-flutter yesterday afternoon when Andrew Zimmern announced that Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl would be leaving Minnesota Monthly for its rival, Mpls/St. Paul magazine.

"Hopefully you heard it here first. @deardara Moskowitz Grumdahl is leaving Minn Mo and joining mspMag #awesome," Zimmern tweeted.

MSP's senior food editor, Stephanie March, confirmed the news that Moskowitz Grumdahl, who was City Pages' food critic from 1997 through 2007, was on the move again and would be joining the team:

"I definitely see having the addition of her voice to the mag as a cool thing," March said. "She's a huge writing talent, and I think we're lucky to add her perspective. It's always been about continuing to evolve our food coverage. I think it will be fun."

Grumdahl spoke with David Brauer at MinnPost about her reasons for leaving. "We've been diminished," Grumdahl said of Minnesota Monthly, which has seen recent budget cuts and a reduction in editorial space, including cutting Grumdahl's wine column. "I feel like MSP is growing, thinking about growing, and that's sort of where I want to be, in a place going forward."

Grumdahl told Brauer she will write for both Mpls/St.Paul and the in-flight magazine Delta Sky, which MSP also produces, in addition to blogging.

No word yet from Minnesota Monthly as to their plans for a replacement.

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Good move on her part - and good luck to her at MSP, I'm looking forward to reading her reviews there. 


Marianne:   You mentioned the Facebook in your 'post'.  Dara's Joy of cP references Twitter.  Why do you make rash assumptions of intentional and lazy copying?  

This hurts La Grumdahl in the end, which NONE of us want.When has She ever been less than gracious and kind to others?

A. Tsui
A. Tsui

Hello? Did this writer copy MPR's post, which looks like it went up before this one:

Posted at 11:40 AM on March 6, 2012

by Marianne Combs


Filed under: Media

Today Facebook is a-flutter with news that beloved Twin Cities food writer Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl is leaving Minnesota Monthly magazine for a position with MSP Communications, publisher of MNMO's rival, Mpls.St.Paul magazine.

A little too similar for my taste even if it was just a coincidence... 

S. Abdul Otherwise Himself
S. Abdul Otherwise Himself

You know...back in the day when DMG was DM and here in City Pages?  I'd grab a copy every week and leaf to her review first.  Then Savage Love.  Then the rest of the issue.  No offense.  She can WRITE.  I'm glad I read this before I subscribed to Minn Monthly...

Joy Summers
Joy Summers

It was a complete coincidence. Two writers with similar takes on the same news. It's a lame, easy Twitter joke.

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