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Saunders: keeping mum about Kenwood's new concept
​If you're still depressed about Northeast losing its French accent when Fugaise closed, and if you haven't yet had the opportunity to get to In Season in Armatage, then you've been sorely lacking your recommended dose of chef Don Saunders and his exquisite, seasonally focused cuisine. So it's particularly good news to hear that he'll be stepping up and taking over at Kenwood Cafe, the charming eatery located next to Louise Erdrich's store Birchbark Books, reports Mpls/St.Paul magazine.

Details about Kenwood Cafe's new direction, specifically any word as to what will be on the menu, haven't been revealed, but if history repeats itself, then residents of Kenwood should be looking forward to elegant yet off-the-cuff food that manages to make proteins like skate, beef tongue, and frog legs wholly approachable. When will it open? No word on that yet either, but we can't imagine them wasting too much of this patio-prime spring weather. 

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The Kenwood Cafe

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