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Where to find gluten free?
This week, Restaurant Alma chef Bryan Morcom was the target of a firestorm of angry and confused comments from customers with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, after he responded to the question "which culinary trend do you wish would die?" in an interview with the Pioneer Press by saying, "gluten-free is the one that kills me. I'm sympathetic to dietary restrictions, but everything in moderation. We get five or six people coming in each night asking for gluten free." 

Restaurant Alma owner Alex Roberts later posted a lengthy defense and explanation of Morcom's comments adding that "while [Morcom] completely respects all customers' dietary needs, he is at times frustrated by diners that demand a gluten-free meal then later order a gluten dessert or knowingly eat bread containing gluten."

It's a relevant conversation no matter what side you approach it from, but it seemed particularly fitting that it all took place around the same time that the fantastic Twitter-based Twin Cities food truck news resource TC Street Food contacted us with a very handy list of some of the food trucks around town who are serving up gluten-free options.

Here are the trucks and their gluten-free dishes:

Smack Shack: arugula lobster salad (hold the bread)

Cupcake on the Go : always has one GF cupcake option

Hola Arepa: all arepas are, or can be made, GF

Dandelion Kitchen: most of the soups and salads are GF

Chef Shack: pork tacos on corn tortilla

Home Street Home: rotating GF salads

Yum Mi Truck: brown rice wrap (but only via the box lunch delivery)

Turkey To Go: most of the salads. They'll also make you a turkey sandwich without a bun.

House of Hunger: promises new GF items this season

Gastrotruck: most of the items can be served gluten free

Many other trucks, including Fork in the Road and 128 Cafe, are quite accommodating. Ask. You might even get a special dish prepared just for you! Follow @tcstreetfood on Twitter for a daily listing of what street food is out and about in the Twin Cities.

Do you own or operate a food truck that serves gluten free items and you want to be added to this or any future list? Let us know by emailing the author.

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Smack Shack

1st Ave. N. & 4th St. N., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

Cupcake On The Go

1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

Dandelion Kitchen

Nicollet Mall & 8th St. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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gluten free foods restaurants
gluten free foods restaurants

 As general awareness of the disease grows, so too does the gluten free product range. Existing brands are branching into the gluten free food market and specialised companies are on the rise. You need no longer scour the shelves of quirky health food shops in obscure locations to find something suitable to your diet. Most major supermarket chains now provide dedicated sections for coeliac and allergy sufferers with an array of tasty alternatives to the gluten-based variety on offer.


A 100% gluten free food truck is Crazy Puppy Gourmet Workshop - gluten (and some dairy free) fair food with a twist. for the schedule of events.

gluten free foods restaurants
gluten free foods restaurants


Often what most celiac and gluten intolerant people are trying to miss out on in their dining experience is the hassle involved when asking for g-free foods or describing what the disease is. Of equal importance is making sure whether you have asked or not, that you are not mistakenly 'poisoned' by hidden gluten ingredients or by cross contamination.

Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

There are going to be so many of these food trucks this summer, and I'm willing to bet the owners are going to be paying more money then they will be making.

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