Joe Senser's: Doors close on another restaurant

Only two more locations remain 

Just days after it was announced that Amy Senser, wife of restaurant owner Joe Senser, would stand trial on charges of criminal vehicular homicide, a sign went up on the doors of the former Viking's restaurant in Plymouth, saying that it would close for good. The sign cited financial and economic reasons, the Star Tribune reports

This is the second Joe Senser's Grill and Sports Bar to close within six months. The Eagan location also shut down back in October. Two more locations, one in Bloomington and one in Roseville, remain open for the time being. 

Amy Senser is awaiting trial for the incident she was involved in last August in which she allegedly ran over True Thai head cook Anousone Phanthavong, and left the scene of the accident.


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i hpoe no one ever comes into your place again!!!!


In recent years I'd found the service at Sensers inexplicably bad (cocky and indifferent), and with their business suffering it looks like I wasn't the only one. The wife's legal problems seem to epitomize the whole thing: no, ma'am, you're not special and neither is the interchangeable sports bar you're associated with.


I hope people are refusing to eat there based on their ethics and morals which are considerably greater than the allegedly drunk murdering driver.

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