Local chef Daniel Green appears on Food Network this weekend

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Justin Grierson
Daniel Green
Tomorrow morning, local chef Daniel Green will introduce his trademark healthy cuisine to the Butter Princess. No, not Princess Kay of the Milky Way. The other Butter Princess, Paula Deen.

Green will appear on Paula's Best Dishes at 9:30 a.m. on the Food Network in an episode titled, "Getting Healthy." He'll demonstrate his light chicken lettuce wraps, and she'll offer up a waistline-friendly orange cinnamon banana bread.

Deen is known for southern comfort food like fried chicken and corn fritters. But several months ago, she revealed she suffers from Type 2 diabetes, so it's a particularly timely topic. (Note: the segment was taped last summer, prior to the announcement about her health and the legal allegations filed against her earlier this month--which are unrelated).

A chef and host for ShopNBC, Green is a culinary powerhouse who's done everything from television series and cookbooks to menus and gourmet product lines in every corner of the globe.

Next week, we'll chronicle his fascinating life story in a City Pages: Chef Chat--which includes his own struggles as an overweight teen, a stint as a model, and his eventual rise to international television personality and author.

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