Sea Salt Eatery moves up opening date

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Spring arrives early in south Minneapolis
​As sure as the reemergence of dandelions, robins, and pasty legs sprouting from cargo shorts, we can always count on the opening of Sea Salt Eatery, our favorite seafood restaurant, as a sure sign of spring. And now Sea Salt has just announced it will be arriving earlier than expected.

The usual and announced opening date was April 6, but with all the warm weather, Sea Salt Eatery says now that "March 30 is the new April 6." That's right, we can get a little al fresco catfish po' boys with a plastic cup of Surly starting this Friday at 11 a.m. See you there!

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Sea Salt Eatery

4825 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Beer for me, ice cream for the kids. Mmmm


wow, serious haters on this comment.  I've never waited 45 minutes for the line or for food.  I live in the neighborhood and go all the time  I've waited 20 minutes in line and 15 minute for food. which is standard for a restaurant.  This isn't fast food, they cook everything fresh and too order. Be realistic. Plus yeah the place is packed.  They cooks work extremely hard.  The crawfish Po'Boy is my favorite, totally awesome


Ditto. I know enough to not go to Sea Salt if I am in a hurry, but I don't think I have ever waited more than 20 minutes to order. And yes, their crawfish Po'Boy is awesome. 

If people want to REALLY wait for an hour just to order, head over to Tin Fish at Lake Calhoun. THAT place is a disaster. 


I can hardly wait to spend 45 minutes waiting in line so I can sit down and wait 45 minutes for my food.  This place is the most inefficient operation I've ever seen.


I am not so sure why they get some much high praise - the food there is pretty average.  I've eaten there a couple of times only be thinking that the food isn't worth the hype.  The sides are appalling - bland rice, bland beans...   I just try my hardest to figure out what is their star dish :(

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