Summit announces plans for $6 million brewery expansion

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Growing demand demands more space for Minnesota's largest craft brewery

​With craft breweries like Boom Island BrewingFulton, Harriet Brewing, and Lucid popping up all over the metro area, Minnesota's largest craft brewer has no intention of getting lost in the shuffle. Summit has plans for a major expansion of its St. Paul brewery, slated to begin in late 2013 or early 2014, the Star Tribune reports.

The expansion will be designed to accommodate some of the brewery's important new equipment, including a cask-washer that it will use in making at least two new beers that it has  yet to unveil. The project will also make room for more packaging, storage, research and development, and fermentation operations, as well as for at least 50 new employees.

Summit is still a huge seller locally, but it's also available in 15 other states.

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Summit Brewing Company

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