Tom Pham opening new Azia in old Azia location

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Deja vu? Thom Pham's new Azia "2.0"
Yes, you read that right. Remember the old Azia location at 2550 Nicollet? Well it's about to be the site of a new restaurant that appears to be a revamp of the original, officially to be called Azia Market Bar and Restaurant, according to the Star Tribune.

Thom Pham, owner of a handful of Minneapolis restaurants, including his Wondrous Azian Kitchen, Thanh Do in St. Louis Park, and Temple, the ambitious fusion spot that closed in 2008, returns to the Eat Street storefront he left in 2010. 
Though this corner property was the site of various issues for Pham--a dispute with his landlord, a violent encounter in the alleyway behind the restaurant, and slowing business--he's returning with a new perspective and what he hopes will be a fresh start.

The menu at Azia Market Bar and Restaurant will be Asian fusion, focused on small plates meant for sharing and will offer items from a raw bar as well. Pham also said he plans to lower prices at his Wondrous Azian Kitchen and scale back involvement there to focus on this new venture. Twin Cities residents who have lived, and eaten, through his many projects will certainly have their eyes on the development of his latest undertaking. Are you looking forward to Azia 2.0?

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Azia Restaurant - CLOSED

2550 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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How can tom open a new azia?, when he still owes 72,531.42 on the old one?. Tom still owes 75,993.45 for temple, and thanh do in anoka now closed owes 6478.65 and as 03/12/2012 thanh do in St.louis park is on the do sell list from alcohol suppliers.that mean he is still not current on his sales taxes. Please someone that has screwed the state so bad get to screw them again.


Great job. This article provided almost as much info as the Strib article from yesterday.

Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

How fitting with the 2.0 Emily, I wonder why he chose to go for it again in the same spot? I understand the space is already fitted, but with all the issues surrounding I'm surprised Thom didn't scout a new location.


I remember a lot of talk about the serious issues with the building, and the landlord being unwilling or unable to repair them, including flooded storage and so on. Back then, Thom stated that if those problems were fixed, he would have never left, as he liked the location. Perhaps it was finally fixed?

Jason Dorweiler
Jason Dorweiler

I remember the same. If they fixed, and I'm assuming they did, it was costly. It will be interesting to see what he does to give this place a lift.

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